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Josh Herdman

Josh Herdman had his big breakthrough in his career when he was only 13 years old after receiving a role in magical world of Harry Potter. He was playing Gregory Goyle for ten years. J. Herdman will be seen in three british films by this year and one huge Hollywood Project next year in one of the lead roles. But not everything was so magical after the end of Harry Potter film series, before fortune started smiling again.

30 year old actor, while giving an interview to „Evening Standard“ told that he was not that Fortunate as some other colleagues from Harry Potter movies. Some of them continued their careers and became real Hollywood stars. J. Herdman decided to put hold on his career and to step on the caged MMA ring. His decision was done after realisation that he does not get any acting proposals and since 2011 he only had a handful of suggestions.

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